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Growing your business requires being more visible to your target market. Your business needs to BE SEEN to attract customers. We make that happen. We've got powerful solutions to get you in front on your target market and help you reach more customers. Book your free marketing strategy session and discover effective and affordable ways to get more customers coming to you. Our marketing strategists are ready to meet with you today, no obligation. We'll customer tailor a marketing strategy specific to your business and budget. Book a consultation and talk to one of our strategists - commitment free. Then get ready to BE SEEN.
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Web Design & Hosting

Whether you need a brand new website, developed from the ground up, or simply require upgrades and improvements to your existing site, we’ve got your back. Functional, effective, impressive – and affordable! We build sites to all of the current standards, offering the latest features that your customers expect – responsive design, mobile friendly, and easy to use. A well designed and properly optimized website can be a powerful tool in attracting more clients and converting more sales. Ready for us to build one for you?

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Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing services will get you seen online where your target customers are spending their time. Our Customer Acquisition Strategist will identify the best online marketing strategy and opportunities to bring more clients to your business – whether its search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure you get found on Google, social media marketing, PPC (pay per click advertising on sites like Google), online citations, and more, we custom tailor the most effective solution for your particular business. And the marketing consultation is free.

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Offline Marketing

Traditional (offline) print advertising is far from dead. It’s important to include offline advertising methods such as print in your marketing strategy to get the right reach. Be Seen Media publishes targeted print publications, distributed direct to the consumer, to help put your business in front of your target customer – not just effectively, but *cost effectively*. We also design & produce brochures, develop press releases, other printed promotional materials – and more – to make sure your business will BE SEEN by your target market.

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Publishing Services

With 20 years of publishing experience, we design and produce books, specialty magazines, newsletters, journals, manuals, ebooks & more. We can develop your publication from concept to completion – or help with any specific part of the process you need assistance with including: writing, ghost writing, copywriting, proofreading, editing, book layout, cover design… all the way to online book promotion, getting listed on, Amazon ranking, achieving Amazon Best Seller status, & more. Ask us to make YOUR book an Amazon best seller!

90% of Websites Are Not Optimized. Invest in SEO and You'll Have the Edge Over Your Competition

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We help ensure customers find and choose YOU, and NOT your Comeptitors.
Every day your business is not being seen by your target market is a day your competitors are snatching business away from you.

Every day your business is not being seen by your target market is a day your competitors are snatching business away from you. If you want more customers, sales, and revenue, your business needs to BE SEEN by more people in your target market. But for many business owners, that's easier said than done. That's where we can help. We are Customer Acquisition Specialists. Book a free marketing strategy session and we'll show you how to get seen by more potential customers. We'll also conduct a sales and marketing assessment for your business. What's the marketing assessment - It's an assessment of the marketing approach you're using, and where there could be improvement. We'll analyze your website, sales, and marketing activities to measure how well you attract leads and get customers. You'll get guidance on how to improve your strategy to get more customers, grow sales and grow your revenue. . Contact us now to get started - the strategy session is entirely free.

  • A website isn't enough. It needs to be a "responsive" design to rank well in Google and to be viewable on mobile devices.

  • If you build it they will come? Not exactly. There is entire science behind ranking well on search engines.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising (Google Adwords) can drive customers galore with our PPC Management Services.

  • Ads in targeted print publications, production of your own specialty publications, promo materials and more.

Get a Free Strategy Session Worth $250

Schedule a customized marketing strategy session and we'll sit down with you to help you identify the fastest way to increased sales and profit. If you already have a website, we'll include a free website analysis (an additional $150 value) which will identify what needs to be done to drive more sales from your website. We'll show you how to improve your current marketing strategies. Our Customer Acquisition Specialist will take the time to get to know your business and understand your objectives. We'll develop a strategy to get you more leads, customers, and sales that is custom tailored to your specific business. No two businesses are alike, so we don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach. We'll develop a customer acquisition strategy that delivers results - because its been precisely customized your specific needs and objectives. Call and speak to Chris directly 204-390-8979.

We Have a Very Specialized Set of Skills That Make Us a Nightmare for Your Competition

Your Business Needs to BE SEEN. We Make That Happen.

When You Search Your Business Onli-ne, Who Do You See First? You... or Your Competition? We can fix that for you!

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