October 19, 2018

About Us

Be Seen Media was founded by veterans of internet business and e-commerce from the internet’s earliest days.  Our  two founders each have nearly 20 years of experience in website development, e-commerce, Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing, in addition to offline marketing, print media and publishing.

Having founded a popular online wedding planning website in 1999, which went on to be one of the internet’s leading wedding planning resources world-wide for many years, reaching millions of visitors per year and dominating the search engine result pages in their niche for over a decade, we’ve seen the best and worst of what the internet has to offer businesses – whether they are businesses operating on a local scale, to large scale international sites.

Our many years of experience give us a unique understanding of how internet technology, marketing and business all plug together.

Having built numerous large scale, high-profile websites over the last two decades, we bring our background in Information Technology, Marketing, Publishing and “Good Old Fashioned Business Smarts” to help businesses leverage the vast potential of both the online and offline worlds to achieve their goals.

In addition to our hands on, two decade track record of rock-solid  online marketing experience, one of our founders holds a Computer Science Honors degree and 10 years of experience in the corporate IT world working in Project Management at a Fortune 500 company and a Crown Corporation prior to making the permanent shift to a career as an internet strategy specialist and marketing consultant in 1999.

Today, the internet is one of the most powerful, effective, and cost-effective tools to drive customers, leads, and sales for your business — but its a highly specialized area that combines both marketing expertise and an advanced understanding of technology to master.  Done well, digital media and internet marketing can present a gold mine for your business. Done poorly, it can be quite the opposite.

In addition to our marketing strategist who helps you identify where the online opportunities are for your business, we have an entire team of highly trained and experienced web designers and developers, SEO engineers, project managers and digital advertising specialists working behind the scenes to get your business noticed online. When you work with us, you have the power of a complete team of skilled specialists behind you.  In addition to that, our SEO division has invested in state of the art technology that few other digital marketing agencies are able to offer to provide you with real time reporting and complete transparency so you always know how your project is progressing at any moment in time.  Whether you simply need a new website, or you need a complete digital marketing strategy for your business, we’ll help you BE SEEN.

Ready to leverage our expertise to move your business forward?

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