November 8, 2018

e-Commerce Stores

There are plenty of companies out there that build online stores.  Our difference?

We don’t just handle all the technical mumbo jumbo of designing your store. Unlike most e-commerce site designers, we don’t come at it only from a web design perspective, rather we approach your project from a marketing mind-set, something relatively few e-commerce site designers have the background, knowledge and experience to do.

Most online store designers are just that – web designers. And that is undoubtedly a valuable and specialized skill set.  But they are very unlikely to have a strong track record  and history in e-commerce themselves, or in business to consumer marketing and online business.

Our company founders each bring over 20 years of e-commerce development experience, b2c and b2b marketing, and internet business experience.  That gives you more than 40 combined years of hands-on experience to give your online store the edge – and that doesn’t include the additional technical experience brought to the table by our other team members who will be actively working on your project.

An e-commerce store won’t do much for you if a solid marketing approach hasn’t be incorporated along with all of the technical aspects of getting that store online.  Most e-commerce store builders have the ability to meet the technical requirements of building a store, and they may also meet many of the visual requirements – but that still leaves you missing a crucial component – and that is the “special sauce” that helps a store do its job, which is to generate sales.

That’s where the marketing expertise and hands on experience of actually operating e-commerce businesses makes the difference.   And that’s what we bring to the table.  We go beyond just getting your online store built.  We’ll guide and steer you through many of the marketing considerations involved in actually making your online store a success.

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