November 4, 2018

Free SEO Audit

$250 Value

Your website may look great, but is it performing to its potential on search engines? Coding errors and other issues can prevent your website from ranking well on Google and Bing, which means you’re missing out on customers (and they’re finding your competitors instead).  If you want to BE SEEN by potential customers online, your site needs to be performing well behind the scenes, because Google looks at all of the coding nitty-gritty.

Contact us for a free SEO Audit of your website. We’ll analyze your website to identify any problematic issues and coding errors (very common) which may be holding down your rank in the search engines.  We’ll identify opportunities for improvement which may enable you to improve your site’s search engine rank.  We’ll provide you with a detailed report of any problems with your site and information on how to fix what is wrong.  We’ll also analyze your site to see how it ranks against your competitors who are ranking highest in the search engines to show you where improvements can be made for you to start gaining on the competition.  Other companies charge  clients $250 for this level of detailed audit – we’re happy to provide it for you  free of charge.

Call to Request your SEO Audit Now – No Obligation