January 24, 2019

Local Map Pack Optimization

Rank High in the 3 Pack – Map Pack Optimization

Most of your competition won’t know how to do these optimizations.

Google Map Pack Optimization56% of all local businesses do not have a “Google My Business” listing – those are the listings that show up with the map at the top of every local search, above the regular Google “organic” search page listings.

Its super important to gain position in the local maps “snack pack” because it generates 33% of the clicks for any given local search.

What this means for you is that if you have a Google My Business listing (of which the local maps “snack pack” is part), you’ve given yourself a powerful advantage over your competition. In fact, you’ve taken an important step to put yourself ahead of 56% of your competitors.

The Google Map listings (“Google My Business”, “Map Pack”) also help you also get found in organic results. By having a properly optimized Google Map Pack listing, you’ll help push up your rankings in the regular organic Google search results.

Our SEO specialists use an aggressive 30-point check list to your optimize Google My Business listing for the highest possible ranking in the Map Pack. By tweaking all of the items on this 30-point Map Pack check list will also help you to achieve better visibility in organic Google search.

The Map Pack Value:

Being included in the Map Pack on Google gives your business higher visibility because you’ll be listed at the top of the search results page, right below the ads.  When someone clicks on your listing, it also puts you in the right hand column of the Google results page, with a lot of additional info about you which really makes you the focus of the page, and makes you look all the more credible.

The Holy Grail of the Map Pack occurs when your business shows up in what is referred to as the “3 Pack” portion of the Google Map Pack. This means you are displayed as one of only three featured listings in the Map Pack, given you maximum visibility on the Google results page, second only to the paid Google Ads at the top of the page.

To climb the ranks to that position takes some serious optimizations that most of your competitors have no idea how to do, or that they even need to.


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