January 11, 2019

On Page SEO Service

On page optimization SEO serviceWhat Is BE SEEN On-Page?

BeSEEN On-Page SEO is one of the “a la carte” SEO services we offer for businesses who don’t want to commit to professional monthly managed SEO and intend to handle SEO for themselves.

DIY SEO is generally not recommended when a business is depending on its online presence to attract customers, because its a complicated science that is quite literally constantly changing. However, if you are going to try your hand at doing your own SEO, then our very affordable a la carte services can increase your chances of success by having some of the most important foundational building blocks of SEO put into place for you by experienced Search Engine Optimization specialists. You get the benefit of a high level of professional expertise, without the commitment to a monthly contract – merely an affordable one-time fee for the service.

Our OnPage SEO service allows you to have your website optimized by SEO experts for the best possible search engine rankings. This is an excellent cost-effective option for businesses that aren’t regularly using professional SEO services and are trying to manage their own SEO. We’ll do a full on-page SEO overhaul to make sure your site has what it takes to rank as high as possible. Whether you have a brand new site, or an existing site, we’ll ensure all your on-page ranking factors are in order so that it’s ready to rank and bring traffic to your site. Our team of skilled, experienced professional SEOs will make sure to it that everything is ship-shape when it comes to those all-important on-page ranking factors.

With BeSeen OnPage, we will do extensive keyword research about your pages, perform a detailed optimization of each element of your pages in accordance with all of the up-to-the minute best practices, and provide you with a full report of what you need to implement. If you use WordPress and provide us with your log-in details, we will even implement all the changes for you.

When On-page SEO is implemented correctly, you’ll be 100% optimized to rank in Google, Bing and other search engines.

  • Get 100% Optimized

    Each project is a process that entails:

    • Understanding the topic of the page
    • Keyword research to determine the best keywords to optimize for, including a competitive analysis, keyword intent, and more.
    • Natural optimization for both users and search engines for each element of the page including title tags, meta-descriptions, H1s, images, and internal links.
    • Once complete, we’ll provide a full OnPage report.
    • If you have WordPress, we can make all the changes for you if you provide the login credentials. Otherwise, the optimization report we provide you will walk you through every item that you need to change on your website to have it optimized.

      On Page SEO Service


Fully Optimize Your Website With Professional On Page SEO

Includes Keyword Research and On Page SEO For More Traffic

Affordable one time fee