November 3, 2018

PPC Advertising

If you are unfamiliar with what PPC Advertising is, please read What is PPC Advertising
to learn all about how this powerful form of advertising can drive more customers, sales and revenue for your business.

Our PPC Management Services Can Help Grow Your Business

PPC Account Set Up:

Our team will get your account setup correctly and completely structured. From start to finish we can do all the keyword research, create the ad copy and handle the entire build-out of your campaign. You don’t have to know anything about using, managing or optimizing PPC to get your campaign rocking. At the start of your campaign we will sit down with you to identify your objectives, then we get to work at setting up your PPC campaigns. Once the campaigns are launched, we are on our toes constantly analyzing the results, and tweaking and refining for optimal performance.

Audit Existing PPC Account:

Already have a PPC account with Google or Bing? Perfect. When you come on board we’ll audit your account to determine how to increase your reach and lower your cost per click. We’ll identify the “low lying fruit” (easy to get keywords with minimal ad spend). This increases the success rates when trying to turn visitors into paying customers.

Monthly Ad Performance Reports

And reporting? We have your covered. You’ll get a report each month so you can track the performance of your campaign.

Team of PPC Specialists and Experts:

You’ll be adding a team of highly experienced and dedicated PPC and Google Adwords Experts to help drive customers to your business overnight. All of our PPC campaigns are managed by Google Certified Adwords Specialists.  Unlike some PPC Management services, we don’t entrust ad budget to the hands of some college kid who dabbles in PPC but lacks adequate training or understanding the complexities of the PPC bidding processes.

No Need to Learn PPC or Hire an Employee to Manage Your Campaigns:

It makes no sense to pull your hair out trying to learn PPC (which, done well, is a full time job in itself) when you should be focused on running your business and doing what you do best. And if you were to hire a skilled and dedicated employee to run your PPC campaigns you’d pay far more than the cost of our PPC management service (and its doubtful you could match the years of expertise we bring to the table with an entire team of experienced Google Certified PPC specialists). PPC management is a highly specialized area of expertise, a whole profession of its own. It takes a lot of learning to get to the point of managing a PPC account without losing your shirt on the cost per click. Once you’ve learned to master PPC, the learning never stops, because the search engines are constantly making changes to their ranking and bidding systems and unless you are staying on top of all the latest changes (which is entirely impractical for the average business person to do), you’re falling behind the curve. How about saving a ton of time, money and aggravation by allowing our team of PPC experts to take care of it for you? We’ll focus on your Pay Per Click campaign and you can focus on running your business and taking care of your customers.

Real Results

You can relax knowing that our goals are in exact alignment with yours. At the end of the day we want your PPC campaign to be generating new business for you and growing your revenue. That means we want to excel at managing your PPC campaign’s performance. This keeps you happy and makes makes you look awesome…then we look pretty cool to you too. Our goal is to truly make you look like a rock star in your industry and to your clients.

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