October 15, 2018

Website Design

Website design and hosting

We’ll Create a Website That Impresses.  And You’ll Love Our Value-Packed Pricing on Web Design & Hosting

If you don’t have a website for your business, you are missing out on a valuable marketing tool which can help bring you more leads, prospects, and customersand which can help close sales for you.

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80% of consumers now use the internet to search for products, services and retailers in their local area.

Most consumers today expect a business to have its own website – it’s a sign of legitimacy, professionalism and credibility.  And it’s a fast and convenient way for them to learn more about your business.  Simply having a Facebook page or a Google My Business listing is not sufficient to convey a sense of seriousness and permanency that consumers want to see in the companies they do business with.  Your website sends the subtle message that you are invested in your business and in it for the long haul.

Consumers come to your website to get a feel for who you are and what you’re about, to check out photos of your work, read testimonials from satisfied clients, read a little bit about you to get a feeling for the “tone” or your business. This all helps them decide if its you they want to do business with.  Your website is a great selling tool – and a highly cost effective one at that. In addition, it can serve other practical purposes: many customers look to a business’s website for quick access to hours of operation, contact details, etc.

If you don’t offer that convenience to customers when they’re online, actively looking online for whatever it is that you offer, you’re missing an important and cost-effective opportunity to put your marketing message in front of your target customer and attract them to contact you at the precise moment they are looking for what you have to offer.

We been building websites since 1999. In fact, we’ve built internationally recognized websites that sat on the top of Google for years, and attracted millions of visitors from around the world each year. We’ve got a track record nearly 20 years long in web design and development. Our team also includes software designers, computer programmers, and SEO consultants. With all of this history behind us, its fair to say we know and understand the tech and digital worlds!

The sites we build are designed to all the latest technical standards, and very importantly, are mobile-friendly so your site will be fully accessible on mobile phones – very important in today’s market since over 65% of consumers use mobile phones when researching businesses, service providers and vendors — and that number is continually to rise rapidly.

Whether you simply want a basic website, to a more sophisticated site with features like ‘click to chat’, reviews (including a feed of Google reviews for your company published on your own website), rotating testimonials, we’ll design an impressive website for your business that meets all of your needs and helps you get more clients.

Moreover, because we are more than just web designers – we are experienced marketers and search engine specialists – we’ll make sure your site is designed to the latest standards to meet the requirements of the search engines.

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